Royal Mane: Redefining beauty standards without harming our planet

Royal Mane is a Mexican beard and skincare brand that believes taking care of your body is taking care of your mind. It was first introduced to the Orión Technological Park in the batch of February 2020. They pride themselves on procuring a minimal carbon footprint, as their producers are located in Queretaro, MX., where the brand was created in 2016.

Royal Mane highlights the importance of the client’s self-care routine, without giving up durability or sustainability. Their initial product proposal, a hair removal sugaring “wax”, set the path for their establishment as a natural, artisanal brand within the Nova Orión incubation portfolio.

By contemplating hair removal as a personal preference, the brand decided to innovate in their development process and diversify their market. Royal Mane approaches their customers, listens to suggestions, and actively seeks to validate their proposals. This is how their beard care and growth products were born. They aim to get rid of the stigma around men’s personal grooming, by becoming a welcoming, environment-friendly platform for the consumption of cosmetic and beauty products, such as their beard balm and serum. The brand also chooses their ingredients seeking the best results for the customer, prioritizing their well-being. They hold their formula to the highest standards, taking into account the eco-friendly lifestyle Royal Mane promotes.

Royal Mane shows that the use of beauty and cosmetic products is not superficial, nor for a single gender. Being aware of our consumption decisions goes a long way, thus allowing us to redefine beauty standards while taking care of our body, our mind, and our Earth.