Hometask, reinventing maintenance services

Hometask is a startup focused in the support of the maintenance services carried out in homes, including gardening, pipe repairs, cleaning and general breakdowns. The project is member of Nova Orion, the incubation program in Orion Technological Park in Chihuahua. The startup promises to generate comfort to society through an App focused on customer needs.

Its value proposition consists on a digital platform that offers repairs and installation services for the home, guaranteeing good service and highly qualified staff. From their mobile application housewives, students, grandparents and different customer profiles can search among the registered service providers and hire the one that best suits their needs. To be a provider in the platform, Hometask makes a rigorous selection of service workers, focusing on those who already offer a good service and who intend to enter the digital world. Hometask can also train people to have continuous education and growth within their expertise area.

The platform provides quality and technical services on which customers could trust. On the other hand, Hometask also helps all the technicians to improve their work. Specialists can grow in their business by complying with the legal guidelines required to make their company official and with this, they can reach access to training, continuing education and more income. This scope is oriented to impact society by reducing the economic gap between social classes in Mexico.

Currently, the project is in an advanced beta stage. The team members are working with the validation of the mobile applications, receiving feedback from the users, both on the service offered by the provider and on the UX of the platform. Additionally, Hometask is finishing fine-tuning details of its digital marketing strategy.

Nowadays, Hometask is available for both Android and iOS devices. It has achieved its first sales, including more than 20 service providers and more than 200 downloads of the App in a month.