Deva, transforming lives.

Deva is a Mexican member of Nova Orion batch Sep2019, a program in Orion Technological Park for high-impact companies. Deva is developing its new product “Blink”. Currently, it is working in the validation phase of the incubation program for IoT (Internet of Things) companies.

Currently, more than a billion people around the world live with some form of disability and a large part of these experience considerable difficulties in their functioning according to the WHO (World Health Organization). In Mexico alone, approximately 1.9 million inhabitants have disability problems that prevent them from communicating and moving easily. Usually the lack of autonomy in carrying out daily tasks and the lack of availability of family members in their care are factors that are very present in the lives of these people. This situation has a direct impact on their quality of life, making them a vulnerable sector to family, economic but above all emotional problems.

After observing this problem, Deva decided to do something about it and created a technological solution called Blink Control & Entertainment. Blink is a user-friendly system that acquires encoded blink signals to control various elements of the home, provide entertainment with audio playback (music and podcasts), exercise memory through games, answer questions and express needs. This in order to provide greater independence to people who are bedridden with the ability to blink at will and consequently improve their mental health. This product offers a totally different vision on life quality to not only the user, but also to the people around him.

The company started as a team of three multidisciplinary entrepreneurs with a vision of creating a unique value proposition that resulted in this alternative communication system through EEG (Electroencephalography) signals. The project has suffered a series of modifications since it started until earlier this year, the current version of Blink was obtained after a software and hardware restoration. In February, they participated in the XXII national prototype contest, where they won in its state phase.

Unfortunately, the current global situation caused by COVID-19 has prevented them from performing the necessary tests for market launch. However, they are eager to continue validating their idea with their early adopters.

Deva is a revolutionary start up that targets minorities and acknowledges their daily struggles by offering a solution that meets their needs in an innovative and viable way, it’s quickly establishing itself as a strong project that seeks a more inclusive society by transforming people’s lives to ones of comfort and dignity.