Capital Semilla, new crowd lending fintech

Capital Semilla’, a startup that seeks to establish itself as a crowd lending fintech, with the aim of generating “credits” to producers of the food sector so that they can grow productively and economically. ‘Capital Semilla’ is part of Nova Orion portfolio, an incubation program in Orion Technological Park in Chihuahua, where the team validated the idea and made it tangible.

The project adds value to society in two ways: through the creation of (1) social and (2) economic capital. Thus, producers can generate more income to support their family and offer them a better quality of life.

Currently, the project has a prototype that simulates how the company will operate, including tax issues within the fintech law. Additionally, ‘Capital Semilla’ is working on the fundraising stage in order to finance the first legal issues and the details of the website programming.

Capital Semilla’ arises with the need for investment by producers in the food sector, seeking to support them and to generate the maximum use in their harvests and upbringing, as well as for investors to have a different option to obtain yields, supporting a social cause.

The development of projects such as this, which involves software applications, raises the possibility of generating scalable solutions to problems in different industries.

The methodology that specialized entrepreneurship programs for technological developments offer, such as Nova Orion, gives to the entrepreneurs the necessary tools to build a wide-ranging and validated business to generate the best conditions in the market according to the viability, functionality and scope of the product or service that is pretended to be sold.Parque Tecnológico Orión

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